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Internet Filtering in the United Arab Emirates- What you see if you hit a forbidden site

The full list of prohibited content is here. Removal requests for the UAE firewall can be submitted here. Technorati Tags: censorship, Internet, Media, uae

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Your personal YouTube Viewing Habits to be Handed Over to Viacom

YouTube owner Google has been forced by a New York judge to hand over the personal information of every person who has ever watched a video on the YouTube to US broadcaster Viacom, whose TV channels include MTV, Paramount and … Continue reading

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Firefox 3 – Download Now Available!

You can now download the Firefox 3 beta! The new version of the popular Firefox browser is available for download here. According to the Firefox 3 release notes: Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which … Continue reading

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Yahoo! to launch Yahoo.ro for Romania

Speaker: Darren Patterson, Business Development Director, YAHOO! Europe New Media Conference & Expo 2008 – Bucharest (live blogging from the event) Some highlights: – Yahoo is planning the launch of Yahoo Romania. It has an organically grown audience in Romania … Continue reading

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