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Oh Sh*t – Google Chrome Doesn’t Really do THAT?!

Your passwords and indiscretions for world+wife to see. OK – I admit it’s a problem that’s also inherent in Firefox, but Google’s new browser, supposedly built from the ground up, should really NOT do this. It’s absolutely effing bonkers! What … Continue reading

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Design Agency Wisdom – How to Fail a Client Pitch in Three Minutes!

I got a call from a web design agency yesterday. The lady on the other end was cold calling the company I am consulting to, and somehow got through to me. Here is a summary of the interaction: ‘I’m calling … Continue reading

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How to Embed JavaScript into WordPress Posts (The Easy Way)

I’ve been embedding JavaScript into my WordPress posts the hard way for ages. It means creating a separate file to define a function (that is the JS script) and then calling it into the post itself, as explained by the … Continue reading

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What do I do if I have a Virus? (Virus Removal and Virus Protection)

What do I do if I have a Virus? (Virus Removal and Protection) This article covers what to do if you have a virus, or suspect you have a virus on your computer. THE CAUSE You are usually vulnerable to … Continue reading

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How Do I Embed Google Lively 3D Rooms into My Site or Facebook?

UPDATE: Google Lively has announced that it is shutting down its service on 31 December 2008. More details here. How to embed Google Lively 3d Rooms into your site or Facebook – I’m getting a lot of questions about this … Continue reading

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Google Launches “LIVELY” – The Virtual World to Embed into Your Website

Lively Google – Google Lively: Google launches Google Lively 3D Service. Note: If you are looking for an article on how to embed Google Lively into your website go here. Not a day passes without a new 3D world start-up … Continue reading

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Firefox 3 – Download Now Available!

You can now download the Firefox 3 beta! The new version of the popular Firefox browser is available for download here. According to the Firefox 3 release notes: Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which … Continue reading

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Yahoo! to launch for Romania

Speaker: Darren Patterson, Business Development Director, YAHOO! Europe New Media Conference & Expo 2008 – Bucharest (live blogging from the event) Some highlights: – Yahoo is planning the launch of Yahoo Romania. It has an organically grown audience in Romania … Continue reading

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