European Bank (EBRD) ventures into blogging

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has launched a blog which is described by the bank’s Communications Director Reijo Kemppinen as an opportunity “to build dialogue, share knowledge and exchange lessons learnt in an informal forum.”

The first article, by Chief economist Erik Berglöf, describes how the global financial crisis has changed the bank’s operations, and sets the tone for analysis and future articles to come. Four bloggers are currently signed-up to contribute to the blog, and others are planned to follow, to ensure a constant flow of articles.

The blog was created for the bank by digital consultancy Blogminster Media, which is also advising EBRD on its digital strategy. Danny Dagan, Director at Blogminster Media said: “to succeed, a corporate blog not only has to look good and work well, it also needs to have something interesting to say. The illuminating point about the European Bank launching a blog now is that it obviously sees a need to communicate more openly with its stakeholders at a time when financial markets and their players have such high visibility.”

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